History of Digital Currencies & Bitcoin

  Money has changed significantly in the last 60 years. Credit cards first came in the late 1950’s, but they would not see widespread use for decades. “Available now at Bank of America…American Express” etc. Bank checks were still the most popular form of payment besides cash. “You can use checks, to buy things” Increasing […]

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Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

  Bitcoin and other cryptos are the future to which we are heading. With them, our life would be so light. LIFE IN THE CHINESE BITCOIN DOLE The isolation in the rural area of northeast China has located six mines on bitcoins that belong to a mysterious group of four people. By October 2014, they […]

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners

  What’s a beautiful people it is your homegirl miss shameless all up in your building with another Tech Talk, and this video is all about cryptocurrency it is My latest obsession. I had to do this video for my boss for my friends and my family because it is new, it is exciting and […]

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