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Why You Need To Develop Your Own Trading System

You can find many various strategies and systems to be used in the forex market. There are many approaches published in trading articles, books and journals. You can purchase them as software or you can subscribe to them.

Newbie traders say that they are lack of time, the brains and the gift to develop the strategy and trading properly. They would rather buy a program or subscribe to a trading system for hundreds or thousands of dollars. They say that they do not have to do anything except be guided what to buy, when to buy and what amount to buy. Some people hesitate if this strategy is really effective for trading in financial markets. To answer this question, I am forced to take some advantages and disadvantages into consideration with such an approach for trading.

Here are reasons why a trader would use a system or a strategy developed by somebody else:

1. It is easy. A newbie trader does not need to research how the market functions and how he cooperates with that market. He does not need to undergo some special education, attending seminars and reading books. He does not need to try the system, as the seller has already done that for him and claimed great hypothetical or factual results.

2. A newbie trader hoped to find a trading system at a reasonable price: sometimes even for free.

Risks of trading a system or strategy created and tested by somebody else are the following:

1. Bad Systems
There are many bad systems out there. They may be not effective as their assumptions and their tools may no longer be actual or valid. As a newbie trader, how can you define between the good systems and the bad ones if you do not know how trading systems are created?

2. Discipline and Confidence
All systems have drawdown periods. Some good systems will not make money for six months or the entire year. Even if it was a good system, can you keep on following it even if it brings you subsequent losses? How can you follow it, if you are not confident in it? How can you be confident if you are not aware about ins and outs of the system and if you have not tried it yourself?

People would not blindly follow the system even if they were told that it would bring them millions. I can recommend somebody a trading system, I can provide him with great results, but he would not be able to follow the system.

To avoid all the risks that a trading system may include, a trader should learn how to develop its own trading approach. It is the only way known to a trader if a definite system or a strategy is effective or not.

When a trader learns how to design strategies and systems, he can be better armed to try them as well. It means that he might even find that for him it is even better to use the system created by him, as it is getting hard to find another system that is more suitable to his profit objectives when working within its risk tolerance levels. There are odds that when he develops his competence, he will just obtain other systems in order to split them, take the parts that he likes and supplement with them his own system. The paradox is that for a trader to get to know which system to buy, he should first learn how the system should be built. And after knowing how to build a system, he will no longer need to purchase one.

To make a conclusion, it should be said that if you do not want to learn how to build your own trading system, then maybe, you should think about paying somebody to do it for you. Hire someone who is trading system that he created and tested itself as he is more confident to follow its own rules.

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