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The Classical Forex Rules Which Have Been Checked Up By Time Part 2

1. Expect and accept loss easily. Those who always reflects on losses, drops the following possibility which, more, than possibly will be profitable.

2. Will halve the profits, and never risk again in the market more than 50 % from them.
3. The key to successful trade consists in knowledge of and the limit of pressure.

4. The difference between winners and lost consists not so much in natural capabilities, but in the discipline shown in avoidance of errors.

5. In trade as well as in fencing exist fast and dead.

6. The word can be silver, but silence – gold. Successful traders don’t speak about the success.

7. Dream about big, dream of the high. Very few people establish for themselves too high purposes. The person aspires to what he thinks constantly.

8. Accept failure as a step to a victory.

9. You have accepted loss? Forget about it quickly. You took profit? Forget about it even faster! Don’t allow the ego and greed to eclipse clear reflection and persistent work.

10. It is impossible to do anything concerning the yesterday’s. When one door is closed, other door opens. More considerable possibility always is behind an open door.

11. The most important task for the trader consists in subordinating the desire to desire of the market. The market is always right as it reflects all forces which it concern. While the trader recognizes it, he in safety. When he ignores it, he is doomed to losses.

12. It is much easier to enter into the market, than to leave it.

13. If the market doesn’t do your way you should find the other way.

14. Be careful of the big positions which can manage your emotions. Don’t be excessively aggressive with the market. Manage it softly, allowing your assets to grow steadily, instead of jumps.

15. Never add to a losing position.

16. Be careful of attempts to choose top or a basis.

17. You should trust in yourselves and the judgement if you expect to earn on life in this game.

18. In the narrow market there is no point to wait that following big movement is going to be upwards or downwards.

19. Loss never disturbs me after I accept it. I forget about it at once. But to be wrong and not to take loss is that harms to a pocket and a self-appraisal.

20. Never offer councils and never brag of the prize.

21. From all gross blunders, there is a bit big, than a position closing which shows profit and deduction of that which shows losses.

22. The finding out of the market is too a position.

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