Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.
The concept of saving and investing is very weak in our modern society as most of us are ardent consumerists who are trained to spend from earliest childhood. The goal of this website is to promote financial literacy that would lead to greater financial understanding, confidence, motivation to save and invest.

Learn About Importance of Money

Importance of Money

Do you recall what were you taught about money as you were growing up? Something similar to “money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “money is the root of all evil “, or maybe “all prosperous people are covetous “?

Well, how do you expect to become a success financially if you don’t believe in the importance of money? You attract into your life what you thinking about and what you accepts as true . If you expect that there is not plenty wealth in this world for everyone and that wealth is not important you will never have enough money.

First of all, believing that “money doesn’t grow on trees” is an case of what’s called shortage programming. Our parents instructed us that there was never enough money to go around, and that it was not readily available or abundant so they discarded the importance of money. But in truth, the money is plentiful for those who understand the simple rules of its acquisition . Just visualize what you could do if you could possess as much money as your heart desires. What fantastic great things you could do with it: take a journey to the countries you have always dreamt of, get a house you even scared to think about it, donate money to your favourite charity, spend more quality time with your family and the list goes on.

You must believe in the importance of money

To fulfil your ambitions and desires you must learn how to be successful with money. Learn the basic principles how to obtain money, keep them and then learn to make your money generate more money for you .

The fundamental thing is to start thinking that you deserve the money and have a very strong desire to get hold of it because wealth is only attracted to people who know how to handle it.

And what about thinking that “money is the root of all sin “? Can you really expect to become a success if you believe that money is the root of all wicked things ”?

Regarding this, that quote is taken out of context in the first place. It was originally stated as “the love of money is the root of all evil”. So it has nothing to do with the money itself.

Now that you appreciate the importance of money, you can start to believe that money is in fact good.

You can help people with money. You can stimulate the economy with money. Even the most kind-hearted spiritual human being , who says they don’t need money, can do more to make the world a better place with money than without it.

Consequently what about philosophy that “all wealthy people are acquisitive “? Well, that creates us versus them, whereby you have labelled all of “them” prehensile in your mind. You, on the other hand, are very giving in your mind. That’s why you don’t have money , because you’re not greedy .

Of course , there must be some affluent people in the world who are covetous . But there are also deprived people who are acquisitive . There are both affluent and deprived people who are very giving as well. The size of your wealth has nothing to do with these character traits.

In truth , a lot of well-off people got there by not being prehensile . Having a philanthropic attitude opens up a surge of money that often brings them more. You will discover the same thing… donate money joyfully to a friend, and become aware that it comes back to you in some other form. The world needs to be a poise of give and take, and being joyful both as you give and be given will make sure that you always go with the flow .

So shifting your mindset from what you were accustomed to as a child to a healthier view and admit the importance of money will allow you to become the financial success you deserve to be, to become bona fide you.

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