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Incentivize Your Personnel With Employee Stock Options

Cash is the greatest motivator. There are several different methods organisations can put into action to make employees feel appreciated including rostered days off (RDO’s), the sporadic boozie lunch break, desserts for the birthday boy/girl or maybe a car spot. However the incentive that has worked great for both employer and employee are employee stock options. Typically, stock options tend to be granted to employees of medium to larger organizations which are publically listed and have the availability of shares in order to allocate out to staff which may have exercised his or her options. However , smaller sized businesses might also want to evaluate the use of stock options to provide their workers with a sense of title in the business.

This is what employee stock options offer; for the employee to acquire stocks of your business at a prefered price level. The acquisition price that the employee buys the stock for is called the strike or exercise price and this is defined before the offers are made to the employees. Once awarded, the employee will then possess the right to decide upon whether or not to go on and actually buy the stock at the exercise price. The amount of time allotted for this to happen is usually predetermined and the final date is termed the expiration date. When the employee decides to “exercise” his or her option, they will subsequently be assigned stock in the company but will buy the stocks at the exercise price.

Employees are not obligated to buy the stock therefore, if the share price falls considerably before the expiration date, they are not going to lose anything; they just surrender the stock option and then the option will expire worthless.

There’s two broad kinds of employee stock options available in the U . S .: Non Qualified Stock Options and Incentive Stock Options.

* Non Qualified Stock Options call for the employees pay tax at their own ordinary income tax rate. The income will be based on the difference between the stock price and the actual strike price at the time the option is exercised.

* Incentive Stock Options are considered as a longer term investment decision and hence any gains made when exercising the option will be taxed as long term capital gains as opposed to ordinary income tax.

Employee options can also be granted as “Restricted”, meaning that although the individual has the right to exercise the option for company shares this might only take place from a set date or after the company has achieved an predetermined milestone. If an employee exercises a restricted stock option they may be still liable to report the taxable earnings according to the kind of option i.e. non-qualified or incentive.

Employee stock options make the perfect solution for businesses large and small – particularly when lower wages are involved. They stimulate performance as employees are compensated in line with the productivity of the business that they served to create. The ensuing share ownership additionally results in a sense of commitment and belonging among employees and the company overall. Providing stock options to personnel has also been thought to minimize employee turnover because the company is seen to value their contribution to the company’s success.

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