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How To Trade Using Mechanic Approach?

Here is how I understand completely mechanic approach. You will have a certain group of the markets with which you will work. You will have mathematical formulas, which on the basis of the previous prices will speak to you when to buy and when to sell. There will be rules of market input, a rule of an exit for losing positions and a rule of an exit for winning positions. There will be rules when to begin trade and when to finish for each of systems. Your unique task will originally choose systems and the markets, then to put system rules to market prices and to decide as to spend the gotten profit.

If your system is computerized, you will need to pledge the data in the computer, to start the program with your system and to do that it dictates. It won’t occupy a lot of your time. You can hire somebody to do it for you if will wish. My broker has mine computerized system and he puts warrants for me on it. I start system every day. However I don’t bear responsibility for placing of warrants. I can travel or have a rest, without worrying that something will drop out.

I am assured that I wouldn’t achieve bigger success if acted more being based on the judgement. If you trade to gain money, instead of to have a good time, give 100 % of attention to the mechanic approach.

I asserted that “the Average person has the best chances to become the successful trader in the event that he uses 100 % mechanistic approach”. It is unique reliable method to reduce emotional overloads which destroy sooner or later any trader. I know that in my case, the more mechanically I act the better my results.

Let’s assume, you have decided to test 100 % mechanistic approach with what in that case it is necessary to begin? You can decide that the finding of trading system will be the most important. However, strangely enough, a finding of system it is only an insignificant part of a task. To begin with, you should reject idea to find ever “ideal system”.

The ideal system of this month may be unprofitable in the future. It will be obligatory to have many the difficult periods. The system can use at any moment only one time window. There is no indicator, capable to predict market type in the future, and such indicator will be never found. You never can learn what time window will be optimum in the near future. The best that can make the indicator is to tell what type of the market is now.

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