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How To Obtain Your Credit Report Online For FREE In Less Than Sixty Seconds (w/o A Credit Card) And Safeguard Yourself From Identity Thieves

Let’s display to you how to gain entry to your credit report on the internet for no cost in less than 60 seconds without a credit card and safeguard yourself from identity thieves.

Today you’d have to be an ostrich with your mind in the sand to not hear at the bare minimum thirty advertisements a month providing you a “cost-free” credit report. The problem with these services being advertised, is they all ask for a credit card in order to grab your report. Sure, your credit report is no cost, as long as you concur to sign up for a 30 day trial to their Credit Monitoring Service (or whatever they decide to call it).

The sad reality is these plans rely on the simple fact you will likely simply forget to stop the “free trial” to their program which you began only to get your “free of charge” report in the first place. Then, you end up getting billed and canceling anyway.

What we’re going to show you is one thing we’ve been doing for years and only revealed with buddies until now… (Please note: The only way this will stop working is if the Credit Bureaus adjust the rules (which we think they will so you better act on this right away). Here’s how it functions. There’s…

3 Simple Measures

STEP ONE: The best way to safeguard yourself from Identity Theft is to place a “Fraud Alert” on your credit reports. This fraud alert makes it impossible for anybody to get any “hard inquiry” credit in your name without having the creditor having to actually CALL YOU at the phone number you record on your credit report. No phone call from the creditor = no credit given.

The great little “side effect” of establishing a Fraud Alert on your credit report is that you immediately get a free copy of your credit report when you do it! But wait… it gets better! There’s a particular place you can start the Fraud Alert on the web and you’ll get entry to your report, INSTANTLY! The link to go to is:

STEP TWO: Now that you’ve finished phase one and obtained instant online entry to your credit report you’re now prepared for phase two. Since your Fraud Alert merely lasts 90 days, you must set up a reminder to “re-initiate” the Fraud Alert every 90 days.

We suggest you set up this reminder on your cell phone so you don’t overlook it (by the way, if you’re paying over $100 a year for identification theft protection, you may opt to stop it and conserve your dollars… it’s a false sense of security particularly when doing…

STEP THREE: This final step, in our opinion, gives you superior identity theft protection than any paid service. Again, please make sure you teach yourself so that you have a complete schooling on this subject of credit repair.

Now, a few identity thieves are extremely wise… rather than to apply for credit with your data they will do something we call “Credit Hijacking” and it works like this…

An identity thief will acquire your data and posing as you phone one (or all) of your credit cards and modify your billing address. This way they can purchase products on the net and have them delivered to the “new fraudulent address” and bypass online retailers who use a security function known as Address Verification System (or A.V.S. for short). When retailers use AVS a charge on your credit card can only be prepared if the items purchased are delivered to your credit card billing address.

In order to shield yourself from thieves that do this you need to generate a separate password with each of your credit card accounts. This password generates an additional tier of security beyond simply the “last four digits of your SSN” or “your mother’s maiden name” as this information is way too public and simple for crooks to access…

Now, let’s go over a single final critical suggestion for protecting yourself against 21st century Identity Bandits…

Why You Should in No Way Utilize Your Home Address On Your Car Registration!

Some crooks are getting truly innovative; like the ones that go to a parking garage at a medical center and break into a medical doctor’s automobile. Not to steal his auto. Not to rob his stereo. No… They’re much smarter than that…

Instead, they took his car registration. Why? Because it had his house address on it. Combine this with his garage door opener (off his sun visor) and the bandits were then off to his house.

Once there they brought their van into his garage, only to come across the door into his house… UNLOCKED! They then proceeded to load their van entirely full of his life belongings; from big screen TV’s and entertainment systems to art and jewellery… In the end, the criminals made off with virtually one hundred thousand dollars worth of valuables…

Don’t make this error.

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