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How To Become A Successful Forex Trader Part 1

With what all Internet dazzles today? What advertized on each column? And what the radio and television shouts about?

Probably, any of us can answer this question with ease. Certainly, it is FOREX!

And, despite all general popularity of the given theme, the relation to it rather is not unequivocal. Someone, advertizing dealing centers, says that Forex is a pot of gold, and someone shouts that it is total fraud. So what to trust?

This question has interested me for a long time, and I have decided to find itself the answer on it. But it has appeared enough challenging because, as they say, as many people, as much opinions there are. And arguments of those who somehow faced Forex, at all haven’t helped me, as too they were inconsistent. There was one variant – to plunge into this sphere and to pass own way in the market Forex.

My desire to learn was very great, whether it is possible to earn in the market Forex really? I didn’t trust in possibility that it can be a simple fraud. And the world statistics convinces me in that.

After all just imagine – daily turnover of the market transships Forex constitutes 3 trillion dollars (for me, for example, such figure even in a head doesn’t keep within). About 25 % of millionaires and billionaires worldwide have made the fortune on Forex. In Europe and the USA every second family increases the savings in the exchange markets. So why then we with such little trust concern Forex?

This wave of forex trading has overflowed Europe and the USA in 70-s’ years. And for us much comes from Europe and West, and with lateness this forex wave has flooded the whole world. That is, quite probably, in some years our opinion on Forex in a root will change, and for us begins a commonplace to work in the exchange market. And for our pensioners Forex becomes a habitual additive to pension …

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