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Forex! Why The Statistics Is So Sad?

Everyone glanced in the world of forex or exchange electronic trading, gets acquainted with the given statistics first of all – from all come to this financial world far not everyone becomes successful trader. Today it can be found in the Internet the whole sites where not simply traders complain: that at them it has not turned out that they have lost money – on these sites losers who abuse with forex gather costs is the industry of a fraud behavior.

In the industry of the electronic auctions a lot of fraud behavior takes place! And with it there’s nothing to be done – the greater is demand, it all gets more expensive, but also it gets more of fraud behavior. In the country where there are no qualitative legal and administrative laws what you can aspect from such industry as trading.

Therefore, it is not necessary to be surprised that at the industry where the big money turns are present and a lot of fraud behavior. And the unique exit for the beginning trader now is to learn to determine, first of all, where there can be a fraud behavior and where it isn’t present. And it is necessary to spend for it not only a lot of time, but also money. Unfortunately, in modern conditions the Internet represents big “dustbin”. In it there are gold particles (and even nuggets), but they need to manage to be found among a heap of garbage or than that is even worse.

In the article I don’t try to rise for protection of the industry of the electronic auctions in that quality in which it exists now. Simply I want to bring some justice and clearness.

All of us with you perfectly know that at all times there were rich (successful) people and there were losers. How they differ among themselves?

The successful person is ready and makes necessary efforts in achievement of wished, and then is able to enjoy the deserved blessings. The successful person is the self-sufficient person. And for the loser it is to hard to apply many efforts, therefore sooner or later he turns the look on world around, abusing it and constantly searching for itself for justifications.

Personally I, have higher education and even a scientific degree, till now I can not brag of knowledge of any foreign language. For this purpose it is possible to find many justifications: I don’t have capabilities, there were no good teachers etc. But actually the reason is only one – I haven’t put till now enough efforts! Probably, there was no severe need (though it too only the justification).

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