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Forex Trading Laws Part 1

Typical errors of many beginning traders have under themselves psychological underlying reason. Certainly, it is not the sole cause of that in the course of gamble people lose money, ignorance of the nature of the market … However affects also, in the issue, before to press a key of the computer or to click by the left button of a mouse, the trader subjects idea of the bargain to testing in the heart of the brain. And the psychology attends the processes proceeding in depths of a brain of the person.

In the street people very often approach to me and ask money. The majority of them are alcoholics. To communicate with them it is difficult. I thought, why? And then has understood. Thinking of the alcoholic chaotically. And my thinking is ordered. These two types of thinking are combined only seldom or never though one is not better and is not worse than other. The human brain is arranged so that it cannot constantly be in a concentration and pressure condition. Rest is required to “grey substance”. For this reason after lecturing I would like to wander in wood or to read the book. Why in days of festival “October fest” all Germany people have the full rest? Because people wish to relax. On the other hand, the chaos condition in thoughts cannot last infinitely. The person starts to wish to order somehow a stream of ideas which come to mind.

The mentality of each individual is characterized by a unique set of conditions which we can name “chaos” and “order”. Besides, there is a certain condition which it is conditionally possible to name equilibrium. To this condition the person comes, remaining alone with itself, being isolated from external world. Moreover, the person internally, subconsciously aspires to this condition. If the equilibrium point at the person is in a chaos zone such person will try to change external circumstances that they corresponded to an equilibrium point of its mentality (in advance I am sorry about professional psychologists for these my primitive enough calculations).

Whether it was possible to you to meet people who cannot support for long time intelligent conversation which attention cannot be kept on any one subject as which do not recognise logicians of reasonings and all time fall down in abyss of meaningless words? Usually such people try to explain the difficult phenomena with the simple reasons, read the newspaper, after work drink beer (because it weakens brains and a body) and communicate by phone with simple phrases. The Equilibrium point of mentality of these people is in a zone of chaotic relaxation. And around us is the majority of such people. Textbooks on exchange trade are written for them. In these textbooks importance of self-discipline is underlined; and it is recommended to keep a diary of the trader.

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