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Forex Trading: Effect Of Crushing. Part 1

As well as in a case with many articles, these articles can break your habitual sights and force you to consider critically various approaches that to you can seem to be discomfortable.

As, possibly, many readers know, I like to specify on so-called “market myths” and I offer food for reflection on various aspects of trade (see in last releases of magazine). I don’t aspire to prove the point of view, and only I show that potentially there is an alternative variant to look at something, and I hope that it will allow people to try to think critically of those things which they read, conclusions by which they do also belief which they have. One of such themes is crushing of transactions.

One of aspects of crushing of volumes of transactions is connected wth that it is discussed from the point of view of many “scientific”, or, I would tell, mathematical or statistical investigations. Hence, conclusions are represented as concrete, accurate or incontestable. I heard, how many people tell something like: “from all things by which you don’t need to do, it is in head of the list” and “statistically, you will do more money, without dividing a position, and it has been clearly proved by researches”. I don’t agree with such approach.

Allow me to mention some things before we will continue. I have serious mathematical preparation, including the theory of probability and games. Certainly, it doesn’t mean that everything that I speak, are the ultimate truth. Simply I want to tell that, doing the various conclusions, I have certain notions concerning their mathematical component.

Also, I am not going to confute results of researches concerning crushing of trading positions. I simply am going to present some logic reflections on which basis the reader can construct own conclusions. Thus I am not going to dissuade anybody from their existing sights at all. I simply want to present other point of view.

In the given series of articles I am going to cover two basic aspects – mathematical and psychological. To consider mathematical aspect, I will draw an analogy with strategy on the basis of crossing of moving averages.

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