China and the ‘String of Pearls’

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China and the ‘String of Pearls’

China is now moving beyond a regional power to a truly global one. And that is going to entangle it in foreign affairs — something it’s largely avoided for the last 30 years.
As China’s foreign investment flourishes worldwide, the Chinese state will be called upon to protect these investments if something flares up to threaten them. China is going to project more military and political power across Asia — whether it wants to or not.
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Earnings Propaganda to Fool Investors (Again)

The fact that earnings projections are low doesn’t necessarily mean that Aussie stocks can’t rise from here.
The index will rise before any positive earnings lift becomes obvious.
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Crypto: The Hottest Market on Earth

The good news is that you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin or any of these other cryptocurrencies to take part in the bonanza. And you can get started with just a little amount of money.
In fact, I believe cryptocurrencies are one of the last legal ways for small investors to grow rich, starting with just a few dollars in your pocket.
OK, so let’s go back to basics for a moment. What is a cryptocurrency exactly?
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