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Alternative Methods Of The Market Analysis Part 1

Mass media and other general editions:

While the standard analysis causes hot debate between fundamentalists (supporters of fundamental analysis) and technicians (supporters of the technical analysis) there are also a little more unusual methods which can be extraordinary effective.

Patrick Young, the editor of magazine Applied Derivative Trading, researches a number of the methods which are in a range from intriguing to foolish and obviously paradoxical and considering them from this part, there is a possibility to reject rather profitable…

It is necessary to recognize some attractiveness freakish, original and obviously unintelligible, especially, when it concerns the analysis of financial markets. Edwin Lefebvre in the book “Memoirs of the stock exchange trading” tells charming story about visiting of office by it is at that time the leading company where he observed how the chief executive of the company bypassed office and collected sheets of the used paper to throw out them in a recycle bin. He notices that if the head doesn’t have vision of management by the company so that it is anxious by such trivial problems – as shares of its company deserves to be sold without a covering (i.e. borrowed from the broker for the purpose of bear speculation – the lane). Certainly, it was right…

Though this fact is an entertaining joke, there are available a number of more regular theories, concerning the investment analysis which not only are delightful, but also often are excellent signals for considerable reverse market points. Considering mine enduring cynicism concerning extreme mediocrity of mass media when reaches financial comments, it doesn’t surprise us that some of these theories concern general editions, too.

Actually, news-stands are excellent sources for the financial analysis. Actually purchasing of any of magazines concerning the finance is substantially useless action. The only thing that is necessary is to look at a cover and to read headings of clauses. We take, for example, the share market. As soon as on covers there are messages that the market indefatigably grows, there comes time to prepare for a market turn. In August 1987 newspapers Times and similar periodicals didn’t have no place for advertising in share market reviews. Look what happens in October (“black Tuesday”). Clefs are the big animation bulls (“bulls” – trade on increase, on an exchange slang – the lane) As soon as they appear on covers of the main weekly and monthly editions it means that the moment of sale of shares is close.

The same it is fair not only for American, but also for other share markets. The boom of the Internet during 1995 and 1996 was a good example. Within weeks we couldn’t see anything, except smiling faces of bosses of the companies which have just earned billions. Some months later, their companies have burst.

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  1. This is particularly imperative especially when you make losses. Most traders act out when they make losses and try and despairingly recover their cash by changing their trading methods, this typically works against them and they finish up with more losses.

  2. Stephen says:

    The oscillations in the Currency exchange charts are indicators of support levels and resistance.

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